Trading Exchange System Architecture

A highly concurrent and secure exchange system built by Golang and C++, supporting cryptocurrency and OTC trading.

Trading Strategy Customization Service

Customized quantitative trading strategy based on the ideas provided by traders.

Quantization Module Integration

Seamless integration of quantitative trading modules into any existing system

Market-Making Strategy Service

A quantitative strategy that provides exchanges’ liquidity, suitable for new exchanges that haven’t attracted enough trading volume.


Massive Supporting Different Exchanges

Cross-platform, support all major trading exchanges, strategy wrote on our platform is suitable for all major exchanges, which means that the strategy running for the Binance can be directly transfer to OKEX or other exchanges. Currently support more than 50 exchanges all around the world. Liberating users’ energy for focusing on designing strategies.


Beginners and Professionals’Best Choice

Easy to get started, the specific API documentation and the classical template strategies helps users to get started really quick. For beginners, we have a serious tutorials videos that can help them hand by hand and each step by each step.

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Real-time Backtesting System

It has an effective simulate backtesting environment. The industry-leading high performance QPS/TPS backtesting engine, truly reproduces history, eliminates common quantitative traps and promptly identifies strategies for deficiencies, thus better helping to invest in real-world investments.

1000+ Reasons to choose us

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Monitor Transaction

Support binding mobile devices applications, pushing messages on your mobile devices, viewing trading status, convenient for checking your trading logs 24/7, and also, it can be completely customized.

Feely Access

Remote hosting trading program, constructing reasonable web-based control mechanism, very convenient, you can view the revenue, modify and turn on and off the strategy when you have the chance to access the Internet anytime and anywhere.

Coding Choices

Support for complete Python\C++\JavaScript programming, general and widely used programming language, non-platform custom programming language, improving your quantitative trading and programming skills at the same time.

Trading Varieties

Support traditional spots and futures trading, such as leverage trading on Bitmex. Also, Cross-platform, cross-market arbitrage trading. Switching all kinds of cryptocurrencies trading anyway the users want. In addition, we will support foreign exchange in the future.

Low Cost

The cost is extremely low. 0.125 RMB per hour, based on current exchange rate: USDCNY 6.9303, which means 0.01804 dollar per hour. Comparing with those monthly payment and low customized options, our platform provides you a real quantitative tool to adjust user’s strategies to the bottom programming level.

Strategies Sales

Strategy Square aggregates thousands of official and third-party trading strategies. Discover premium strategies and pay subscriptions to receive trading signals in real time trading. Establish a bridge between strategy developers and individual investors.

Say more with less

Cloud server dockers are responsible for providing data and infrastructure services in the background. A consistent strategy event model integrates real-time data/analog data/playback data/transaction data into the Complex Event Processing Engine (CEP), driven by a common event pattern. Flexible switching of data sources does not require modification of the code to achieve seamless migration of all phases of the strategy. Smart Cloud server docker Background Service 7 * 24 hours available, ensuring that users can develop, debug, check and simulate transactions 24/7 to improve strategy development efficiency.

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Security System

The platform is safe and reliable. The docker of distributed architecture is not centralized deployed on a specific server. Users need to deploy and maintain their respective docker individually (either on their own computer or buy a cloud server), completely eliminating the risk for our platform to be attacked. In order to protect users’ information. our platform server dose not save any the user's funds and transaction logs. Therefore, it doesn’t have any privacy issues between the platform and the users.